Shepherd's Star September 2019

Newsletter by - Tina Holman Owen (Director)

 Hello everyone,

August was a very busy month for us, We are celebrating 20 years of serving and sheltering the homeless in our local areas. Thank you for all who helped with our Park celebration and for all of those who sponsored tables for our Luncheon fund raiser. And we are continuing to celebrate with a 20th anniversary cookbook, coming out around mid November. Please let us know if you would like to reserve one, they will be $20 each and all proceeds will go toward our new women and children's shelter. 

Thank you board members for your help in all that we are doing for the homeless.

Thank you volunteers and those that continue to support us.

Churches and businesses- you are a blessing to us. Please let me know if I can come and speak about Shepherds House. We still need to get it out to the public that we are here and have been for 20 years.

We need churches and businesses to join with us for our Strive4five campaign. If we could get just 10% to donate monthly $5, we would have enough for our new shelter. If we had 10% to do this, then we would have around $387,000 for the shelter. When we join together we can do a lot. Text strive4five to 31996-it will forward you to our web-site where you can donate.

Some of our needs for Sept:

Men’s and Women’s Deodorant, Men’s body wash, laundry detergent, dish soap, spam, sandwich meat, gal zip lock bags, bleach, light bulbs, salt and pepper, small garbage bags, bread, fruit-vegs, butter, cheese, dial hand soap, copy paper, toilet plunger x 2,

Clorox wipes. Hygiene wipes, Mr clean, rat trap, ant spray. Small journals for residents.

Aug 31st we had 13 residents. 

Homeless sheltered to date for 2019- (112) Total Jobs- 29

Meals served- 4449 Total beds filled- 1326 Moved into their own homes-22

Clothes- 94 Food- 63 Residents this month- (21) 8 men 10 women 3 children

Sincerely, Tina Holman Owen 

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Please call or come by and visit us, our office hours are from 9am-4pm, our lunch is from 1-2pm. We are looking to help all the homeless that we can. We are limited because we only have so many beds and we have both men and women, sometimes we can take a family depending upon the availability and how many children. 

We are looking into the future of having another shelter for women and children, also praying for the funding to-do so.

Shepherds House can always use monetary donations, 

Walmart and Kroger gift cards can be used for daily items.

Thank you all for your help, we are only here because of your donations.

Please keep us in your prayers.

Tina Holman Owen


  • Retired Pastor 2008
  • Board Member 2009/2010
  • Shepherds House Director 2011/2012
  • New Shepherds House Director – June 2018
  • Married to Kent Owen – Kent volunteers in administration, jobs, and counseling
  • First Assembly of God Member and Leader of Ladies Ministry
  • Founder of Widow Care Ministry 2012 –