Shepherd's Star August 2019

Newsletter by - Tina Holman Owen (Director)

Hello Everyone,

July has been a busy month. (I think every month is busy). We have a few new board members, Earla Alexander retired from TUA and Tim Crabtree a Realtor in Murfreesboro. They both have a heart for the homeless. 

We have had three move into homes( some into their own homes and others in with family or friends), regardless, they are now in a more stable situation. 

Our goal here is to evaluate their greatest need and work toward them becoming self sustaining again (or it may even be for the first time in their life). We want to encourage them and show each person respect and also how to respect them selves and others. Sometimes we see an improvement and other times they are just not ready, but the same thing can be true of each one of us. I, myself am always working thru issues of my own. A better wife, mother, employee, grandmother and friend. We all have our own issues, just some for the homeless are more noticeable. We all have to realize that 50% of the population is one paycheck away from being homeless.  

I was talking to someone this week, she said that she had some big size clothes, but that we may not need them because most of the people were drugs addicts and alcoholics and they were slim. Please don’t condemn her, I at one time thought the same thing about the homeless. ( And it is true about some) but not all. I get disappointed regularly, but I have to continue to believe that I can help in some way. The Lord tells us to be gentle as lambs and wise as serpents, let us do so without becoming hard and callus. Let’s keep the compassion of the Lord, and treat others as we would ourselves. 

One of the ways that you can help the homeless is to carry in your trunk a tote with a few waters, beef jerky, crackers, peanut butter, chips, soap, toothbrush etc.. If you see someone asking for money or food, give them the tote and our number. But also beware that there are those that are just out to get money. Everyone that asks for food(money) is not hungry. There are genuine people and there are con artists. 

Our food donations were down in July, we are in need of certain food items. Please see our separate needs list.

Today's needs- Sugar, Bleach, milk, sandwich meat, cereal, breakfast meat.

Total residents for July were 

14 Men 

6 Women 

1 Boy 1 Girl  

Total to date 91

Total individual beds filled to date 1322 

Total individual meals to date 4437 

Thank you all for taking care of the homeless by giving of your time and donations!

If you would like to know more about us just give us a call, or if you would like to be taken off of our email list.

We are still in need of recipes for our cookbook. Please send them by the end of August...

God Bless you all,

Director- Tina Holman Owen

Meet Tina Holman Owen...Again


I am so glad to be back at Shepherds House! My husband Kent and I are going to be working side by side to see that Shepherds House is an environment of Love and Safety, for all that come through our doors.

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Please call or come by and visit us, our office hours are from 9am-4pm, our lunch is from 1-2pm. We are looking to help all the homeless that we can. We are limited because we only have so many beds and we have both men and women, sometimes we can take a family depending upon the availability and how many children. 

We are looking into the future of having another shelter for women and children, also praying for the funding to-do so.

Shepherds House can always use monetary donations, 

Walmart and Kroger gift cards can be used for daily items.

Thank you all for your help, we are only here because of your donations.

Please keep us in your prayers.

Tina Holman Owen


  • Retired Pastor 2008
  • Board Member 2009/2010
  • Shepherds House Director 2011/2012
  • New Shepherds House Director – June 2018
  • Married to Kent Owen – Kent volunteers in administration, jobs, and counseling
  • First Assembly of God Member and Leader of Ladies Ministry
  • Founder of Widow Care Ministry 2012 –