Shepherd's Star OCTober 2019

Newsletter by - Tina Holman Owen (Director)

Hello everyone,

We have had a blessed month! God has taken care of us and it shows to each

and every resident that we have. They are amazed whenever you send food,

come by for a visit, or just volunteer when needed. They are all fed, clothed and

have a comfortable and safe house to sleep in (that is a big blessing). Let us not

ever take for granted what the Lord has blessed us with. We would have nothing

without His provision (just take a deep breath and know it came from God).

Everyone of you gives freely, and we thank you!! We had one lady recently go to

rehab and she completed it successfully, and is now back at the house looking

to find her own place. Another gentleman went to a year long program. We have

had 3 others move into their own place. Two others moved in with someone

else. A few had to go to another shelter, and a few just left. There is a

smorgasbord of reasons why someone is here, but I can truly say that it never

gets boring or dull.

We will have our First 20th Anniversary Cookbook (3 ring binder) ready before

Christmas. If you would like one, please email or call to reserve one for yourself.

It is so much more than just your normal cookbook. We are selling it for $20 and

all proceeds go to our new women and children's shelter.

I wanted you ladies to know that our omen and children's ministry night is Monday night Oct

28th at 6 p.m. Bring finger-foods if you can.

Thank you to those that signed up for our Strive4five campaign (committing to

give $5 or more a month for our new shelter). Remember also that we are signed

up for Amazon smile and at Kroger for a % of your purchases.

Total residents for this month: 19 (8 women 10 men 1 child)

Moved into their own home: 3

Total residents, Year- to-date: 131

This year we have served 5244 individual meals

This year we have filled 1544 individual beds

May God bless you all for your giving and your prayers!

Sincerely, Tina Holman Owen

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Please call or come by and visit us, our office hours are from 9am-4pm, our lunch is from 1-2pm. We are looking to help all the homeless that we can. We are limited because we only have so many beds and we have both men and women, sometimes we can take a family depending upon the availability and how many children. 

We are looking into the future of having another shelter for women and children, also praying for the funding to-do so.

Shepherds House can always use monetary donations, 

Walmart and Kroger gift cards can be used for daily items.

Thank you all for your help, we are only here because of your donations.

Please keep us in your prayers.

Tina Holman Owen


  • Retired Pastor 2008
  • Board Member 2009/2010
  • Shepherds House Director 2011/2012
  • New Shepherds House Director – June 2018
  • Married to Kent Owen – Kent volunteers in administration, jobs, and counseling
  • First Assembly of God Member and Leader of Ladies Ministry
  • Founder of Widow Care Ministry 2012 –