Shepherd's Star april 2019

Newsletter by - Tina Holman Owen (Director)

Hello everyone,

Are you ready for Spring? I sure am and so are the residents. We have had enough of the rain, clouds and gloominess.

It’s Spring!!!!

We are all ready for a new beginning, it’s almost like the Lord gives us new days, weeks, months and years as times of new beginnings, every day we can wake up and know that we can have a fresh start. 

May we keep our hope in Him!

Sometimes new beginning’s happen with a new outlook, a new vision, a new friend or a new attitude. Things do not change by doing the same old thing (unless it is a good thing). Things change by doing something new (something good and worth-while). Sometimes we don’t realize that just a smile can start a new beginning.  May you all be blessed with new beginnings!

  • We had 17 residents 9 male and 8 female 2 children
  • Jobs 6
  • Clothed 11
  • fed 5
  • ID’s 3
  • Vets 1—disabled 4 
  • Moved out 6
  • Individual beds 267 individual meals 801

Need’s list

Sincerely, Tina Owen Director

A tale of two directors

Tom Ryals - "An Unexpected Journey"


It has been six years since I became the director of Shepherd’s House. It has been a journey that was unexpected but one that was a blessing beyond measure. As you may know, my wife and I will be leaving with our camper trailer to visit our beautiful National Parks and complete one of our major “bucket list” items. 

A new journey begins...

Meet Tina Holman Owen...Again


I am so glad to be back at Shepherds House! My husband Kent and I are going to be working side by side to see that Shepherds House is an environment of Love and Safety, for all that come through our doors.

More about Tina & Kent

Directors (continued)

Tom Ryals - The Bucket List


We will take as much time as needed to thoroughly visit each park and also travel the West and Southwest areas. 

I am pleased to announce that Tina Holman Owen will become the new Director of Shepherd’s House effective immediately and will be assisted by her husband, Kent. Many of you remember Tina as the director prior to my tenure that started in July 2012.Tina and Kent have a passion for the Lord and for the homeless. They bring experience from previous jobs that will be a blessing to Shepherd’s House. Their strengths will complement each other and it will create a team approach with more efficiencies. 

So, I leave knowing that I will miss you and the Tullahoma community but I am confident in Tina and Kent's ability to take Shepherd’s House to the next level. I know you will make them feel welcome and continue to support out mission to the homeless.

God Bless

Learn More about Tina & Kent


Please call or come by and visit us, our office hours are from 9am-4pm, our lunch is from 1-2pm. We are looking to help all the homeless that we can. We are limited because we only have so many beds and we have both men and women, sometimes we can take a family depending upon the availability and how many children. 

We are looking into the future of having another shelter for women and children, also praying for the funding to-do so.

Shepherds House can always use monetary donations, 

Walmart and Kroger gift cards can be used for daily items.

Thank you all for your help, we are only here because of your donations.

Please keep us in your prayers.

Tina Holman Owen


  • Retired Pastor 2008
  • Board Member 2009/2010
  • Shepherds House Director 2011/2012
  • New Shepherds House Director – June 2018
  • Married to Kent Owen – Kent volunteers in administration, jobs, and counseling
  • First Assembly of God Member and Leader of Ladies Ministry
  • Founder of Widow Care Ministry 2012 –