Shepherd's Star June 2019

Newsletter by - Tina Holman Owen (Director)


Hello Everyone, 

The month of May has been beautiful but HOT. Seems like the humidity wants to stay around. We have been doing a lot of spring cleaning but it seems like it never gets done.

I did want to let everyone know that the house doors will be locked at all times, but just ring the doorbell and someone will answer. We have been having people just drop in for an interview or to get food, without calling first, (I can not accept the homeless without a call-in interview first- it is too dangerous for the house and myself). If you have donations please call if you can, and that way we can be expecting you. If not just ring the doorbell. Please, all donations before dark or call first. Safety is our number one priority.

We are starting on our Cookbook for the Fall and we would like for you to email, mail or bring by any of your favorite recipes. Please put your name with them and a short story about how you ended up with it. We will have memorial pages with recipe, name and story if you have one. Please give the date that they passed away. We will also have pages for businesses and churches for a recipe, story and advertisement for a small price.

We hope to be selling them before Thanksgiving. Cookbooks will have all kinds of recipes, stories, poems, pictures etc, from the homeless, volunteers, businesses, churches, board members (past and present) etc. All recipes/etc, have to be turned in to us by July 1st.

If you have a heart for the homeless and you would like to be put on our invitation list for our 20th Anniversary Fundraiser luncheon please call as soon as possible as we only have a number of seats available. It will be hosted August 24th at 1pm.

Thank you all for supporting our homeless shelter. We could not do it without you.

Total to date-Homeless shelter since January: 69 

Total Jobs- 19

Meals served- 3303 

Total beds filled- 944 

Moved into their own homes-13

Meet Tina Holman Owen...Again


I am so glad to be back at Shepherds House! My husband Kent and I are going to be working side by side to see that Shepherds House is an environment of Love and Safety, for all that come through our doors.

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Please call or come by and visit us, our office hours are from 9am-4pm, our lunch is from 1-2pm. We are looking to help all the homeless that we can. We are limited because we only have so many beds and we have both men and women, sometimes we can take a family depending upon the availability and how many children. 

We are looking into the future of having another shelter for women and children, also praying for the funding to-do so.

Shepherds House can always use monetary donations, 

Walmart and Kroger gift cards can be used for daily items.

Thank you all for your help, we are only here because of your donations.

Please keep us in your prayers.

Tina Holman Owen


  • Retired Pastor 2008
  • Board Member 2009/2010
  • Shepherds House Director 2011/2012
  • New Shepherds House Director – June 2018
  • Married to Kent Owen – Kent volunteers in administration, jobs, and counseling
  • First Assembly of God Member and Leader of Ladies Ministry
  • Founder of Widow Care Ministry 2012 –