Help Us Help Others

We are receiving a large number of requests from hospital ER, psychiatric hospitals, law enforcement, and case workers from various organizations, to provide for the homeless. We would love to provide more services for those in need but we are severely limited by the small number of beds (12) and having only one paid staff member. We do not have the capability to take care of people that need personal or nursing care in any form. This includes patients with more advance medical illnesses that require staying in bed during the day.

Acceptance Guidelines

  • Prior approval by the Director. Individuals will not be accepted that are dropped off without approval.
  • Individuals must be fully functional and able to care for themselves (wash clothes and do chores). They cannot stay in bed during the day. In the event of a fire, everyone would need to vacate the building immediately.
  • Pass a criminal background check.
  • Pass alcohol/drug test.
  • Must be in financial need: those that receive a small monthly check or have no income at all.
  • Safety for all residents is our priority. We cannot accept anyone that has a recent history of arrests for drugs/alcohol, domestic violence/abuse, unstable mental conditions and not taking prescription meds.

We respectfully request that you work with us to maximize our ability to care for those in need. Each individual will be considered on a case by case basis if the “Criteria for Acceptance” is followed.