March Shepherd’s House Newsletter

Shepherd’s House Statistics 2016

  • Number of Residents – 187
  • Total Beds Used – 3,093
  • Bus Tickets – 9
  • Meals Served – 9,279
  • Residents with jobs – 58
  • Motel Rooms – 8
  • Moved Out – 53
  • Food (non-residents) – 49

As you can see, it took a lot of money, food, and supplies to provide for the homeless last year. We appreciate your  financial support and donation of food, clothes, and supplies. You are a wonderful blessing to the homeless. Thank you for making a difference in their lives through your support and generous donations.

 The percent of Residents with jobs in 2016 was 31%. This includes all residents such as children and the disabled. Most residents walk or ride a bicycle to work to a job within 1 1/2 miles from Shepherd’s House. These obstacles do not prevent them from working. It is their only solution to become self sufficient and move out of Shepherd’s House and they do it without complaining.

 When expectations are set, people gravitate to that level whether it is high or low. Getting a job is required to stay at  Shepherd’s House and most of our residents find jobs and continue to work after they leave. One could use an excuse that they did not have a car to go to work but that is unacceptable. If they can’t get a ride to work they can walk and keep their job. There is a valuable lesson we can learn from the homeless. People will stretch toward goals that are set high as easily as goals that are set low.

 When a resident’s gross pay exceeds $15,444 a year ($297/week or $7.43/hour), they lose Food Stamps benefits of up to $194.00 per month. The elimination of food stamps saves our state $2,316 per person per year. Most residents that make $9.00 + per hour will also pay their own rent instead of using government subsidized housing. Eliminating rental subsidies saves an estimated $3,600 per year for a net savings of $5,916 per person that is working and making $9.00 or more per hour. In addition, payroll taxes and Tennessee state sales tax are paid adding additional benefit. It is a win-win situation for individuals, Tullahoma, the state of Tennessee, and our Federal Government.

  Shepherd’s House mission is to provide an environment of hope and a “can do” attitude that help the homeless  transition from being dependent on welfare into becoming independent and successful. It is a significant benefit to our communities by reducing the cost of government and increasing the quality of life for area residents. You also share in our success by supporting our work.

God bless,


Would you like to become part of the fundraising effort? Contact Tom Ryals, Director, Shepherds. House.931-393-4818.